Formulation Aids

Clearocast® 600
Based on vegetal oils and fatty alcohol
Confers a unique slip with no greasiness.

Clearogel® KG
Konjac Glucomannan
Natural gelling agent. Alternative to synthetic polymers.

Matte Lite® PRP
Based on Montmorillonite (&) Sucrose Stearate
Easy pigment incorporation. Mattifying effect. Smooth after-feel.

Matte Lite® SC
Easily dispersing colloidal clay used for stabilizing and bodying emulsions or aqueous preparations. Brings great skin feel with excellent spreadability.

PolyCast® 3
Polyglycerol centered on triglycerol with a high viscosity and a high refractive index. Particularly useful in transparent emulsions.

Sofmetic® LMP
A very soft, light-feeling USP grade petrolatum. Low melting point allows for ease of incorporation and luxurious feel in a finished product.

Vegenolin® CF
Vegetal alternative to Lanolin
Co-emulsifier, W/O, O/W emulsions and anhydrous formulations. High water absorption. Pigment dispersion.

Vegenolin® SQ
Vegetal alternative to Lanolin
Soft wax easily spreadable. Same properties as lanolin with no animal-derived ingredients. Penetrates rapidly in the skin without leaving an oily after-feel. High water absorption properties.

Vercare Epes
Vercare Emollients
A branched chain, non-occlusive emollient. Easy spreadability, soft feel and excellent mineral oil replacement.

Vercare Propydicapra
Vercare Emollients
Natural emollient with excellent spread, and a more dry touch. Transparent and odorless. Improves the sensorial profile for suncare products specifically.

Vercatech Capryforce ECO
Methylpropanediol (&) Caprylyl Glycol (&) Phenylpropanol
Smart innovative protection. Sustainable & biodegradable ingredients. Antimicrobial for emulsions, surfactants bases & aqueous systems.

Vercatech Pentyforce G
Pentylene Glycol (&) Glyceryl Caprylate
Smart innovative protection. Sustainable & Biodegradable ingredients. Antimicrobial for Emulsions, Surfactants bases & Aqueous systems.

Vercatech Synereco8
Propanediol (&) Phenethyl Alcohol (&) Phenylpropanol
Antimicrobial for Aqueous systems. Solubilizing properties.