Bio-Ceramidyl Pure
Glucosyl Ceramide (&) Phospholipids (&) Cholesterol
Skin barrier strengthener. Repairs rough and very dry skins. Atopic and sensitive skins.

CCT 132
Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides
Stable, clear emollient.

Clearogel® ACR
Alternative to acrylates
Instant tightening effect. Pleasant long lasting hydrophobicity.

Caesalpinia Spinosa Gum
Natural gelling agent. Film-forming active. Natural moisturizer.

Chenopodium Quinoa Seed Extract
Polysaccharide extracted from Quinoa seeds with an immediate lifting effect, improving skin roughness and reducing wrinkle depth.

CrystalCast® MM
Liquid crystals
A patented emulsifying base conferring fine emulsions through the formation of a liquid crystals network, with moisturizing properties. Low use level for viscous lotions, up to 5% for rich creams.

Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil
Argan oil, conditioning and moisturizing.

Plukenetia Volubilis Seed Oil (&) Salvia Hispanica Seed Oil
Soothing, calming and anti-oxidant properties. Nourishing properties.

Matte Lite® CF5
Powder blend containing Montmorillonite (&) Sucrose Distearate (&) Sucrose Stearate
Multifunctional emulsifying base. O/W emulsions from lotions to wash-off masks. Sebum control. Mattifying effect. Silky after-feel.

Nayad® SGM
Yeast extract
Polysaccharide fraction extracted from baker's yeast.

Palmeride® 38
Hydrogenated Palm (Kernel) Gycerides
Saturated glycerides for lipsticks and crayons.

Phytosterol MM
Vegetal sterols, maintenance and hydration of cell membrane.

PolyCast® 3
Polyglycerol centered on triglycerol with a high viscosity and a high refractive index. Particularly useful in transparent emulsions.

Protelixan® PF
Snail secretion filtrate
Extracted from a defensive liquid secreted by a mollusk (snail). Complete and balanced solution for skin care products.

Skin'ential® HA-FE
Acetyl Glucosamine
Precursor of Hyaluronic acid. Natural skin component. Contributes to skin moisture and elasticity. Tyrosinase inhibition. Exfoliation.

Skin'ential® HA
Acetyl Glucosamine
A cosmetic grade of acetylglucosamine, a substance naturally occurring in the skin; a precursor of hyaluronic acid.

Skin'ential® CS
Regulation of skin cholesterol
Natural reservoir for free cholesterol, regulates stratum corneum cholesterol content. Also present in the hair shaft to prevent water loss.

A high-performance moisturizer
High and low molecular weight Poly Glutamic Acid obtained by fermented soybean.

Vegeluron® Gel
Natural alternative to Hyaluronic Acid
Clear viscous solution of a natural polysaccharide with a superior moisturizing and a light film forming effect with a soft touch. A natural alternative to hyaluronic acid.

Vegenolin® CF
Vegetal alternative to Lanolin
Co-emulsifier, W/O, O/W emulsions and anhydrous formulations. High water absorption. Pigment dispersion.

Vegenolin® SQ
Vegetal alternative to Lanolin
Soft wax easily spreadable. Same properties as lanolin with no animal-derived ingredients. Penetrates rapidly in the skin without leaving an oily after-feel. High water absorption properties.