Bio-Ceramidyl Pure
Glucosyl Ceramide (&) Phospholipids (&) Cholesterol
Skin barrier strengthener. Repairs rough and very dry skins. Atopic and sensitive skins.

CCT 132
Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides
Stable, clear emollient.

Clearogel® ACR
Alternative to acrylates
Instant tightening effect. Pleasant long lasting hydrophobicity.

Clearogel® KG
Konjac Glucomannan
Natural gelling agent. Alternative to synthetic polymers.

Centcyaninie extracted from Cornflower
Stimulates skin cell longevity by activating the Klotho protein, which is known as the youth protein.

Caesalpinia Spinosa Gum
Natural gelling agent. Film-forming active. Natural moisturizer.

Chenopodium Quinoa Seed Extract
Polysaccharide extracted from Quinoa seeds with an immediate lifting effect, improving skin roughness and reducing wrinkle depth.

A mung bean rich in tannins, sterols & flavonoids
An active anti-aging ingredient of natural origin that soothes and strengthens the skin.

CrystalCast® MM
Liquid crystals
A patented emulsifying base conferring fine emulsions through the formation of a liquid crystals network, with moisturizing properties. Low use level for viscous lotions, up to 5% for rich creams.

Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil
Argan oil, conditioning and moisturizing.

Plukenetia Volubilis Seed Oil (&) Salvia Hispanica Seed Oil
Soothing, calming and anti-oxidant properties. Nourishing properties.

Intelligene® Oil
Solanum Lycopersicum Seed Oil
Skin conditioning. Skin soothing emollient.

Intelligene® Water
Solanum Lycopersicum Fruit Water
Healthy glow effect. Cleansing for oily skin.

Matte Lite® CF5
Powder blend containing Montmorillonite (&) Sucrose Distearate (&) Sucrose Stearate
Multifunctional emulsifying base. O/W emulsions from lotions to wash-off masks. Sebum control. Mattifying effect. Silky after-feel.

Nayad® SGM
Yeast extract
Polysaccharide fraction extracted from baker's yeast.

Natural ceramide-like glycolipid obtained by fermentation. Multifunctional for both O/W and W/O emulsification. Soothing and moisturizing properties.

Palmeride® 38
Hydrogenated Palm (Kernel) Gycerides
Saturated glycerides for lipsticks and crayons.

Phytosterol MM
Vegetal sterols, maintenance and hydration of cell membrane.

PolyCast® 3
Polyglycerol centered on triglycerol with a high viscosity and a high refractive index. Particularly useful in transparent emulsions.

Protelixan® PF
Snail secretion filtrate
Extracted from a defensive liquid secreted by a mollusk (snail). Complete and balanced solution for skin care products.

Skin'ential® HA-FE
Acetyl Glucosamine
Precursor of Hyaluronic acid. Natural skin component. Contributes to skin moisture and elasticity. Tyrosinase inhibition. Exfoliation.

Skin'ential® HA
Acetyl Glucosamine
A cosmetic grade of acetylglucosamine, a substance naturally occurring in the skin; a precursor of hyaluronic acid.

Skin'ential® CS
Regulation of skin cholesterol
Natural reservoir for free cholesterol, regulates stratum corneum cholesterol content. Also present in the hair shaft to prevent water loss.

A high-performance moisturizer
High and low molecular weight Poly Glutamic Acid obtained by fermented soybean.

Vegeluron® Gel
Natural alternative to Hyaluronic Acid
Clear viscous solution of a natural polysaccharide with a superior moisturizing and a light film forming effect with a soft touch. A natural alternative to hyaluronic acid.

Vegenolin® CF
Vegetal alternative to Lanolin
Co-emulsifier, W/O, O/W emulsions and anhydrous formulations. High water absorption. Pigment dispersion.

Vegenolin® SQ
Vegetal alternative to Lanolin
Soft wax easily spreadable. Same properties as lanolin with no animal-derived ingredients. Penetrates rapidly in the skin without leaving an oily after-feel. High water absorption properties.