Multifunctional Emulsifiers

CrystalCast® MM
Beta-Sitosterol (&) Sucrose Stearate (&) Sucrose Distearate (&) Cetyl Alcohol (&) Stearyl Alcohol
A patented emulsifying base conferring fine emulsions through the formation of a liquid crystals network, with moisturizing properties. Low use level for viscous lotions, up to 5% for rich creams.

Matte Lite® CF5
Powder blend containing Montmorillonite (&) Sucrose Distearate (&) Sucrose Stearate
Based on sucrose esters and clay with sebum absorption and mattifying properties, this self-emulsifying base is ideal for oily skin formulations, foundations and masks. Provides a delicate skin coverage and powder feel.

Sucrose Esters
Sucrose esters of fatty acids
Non-ionic, vegetable-derived emulsifiers with emollient properties; exhibit a wide range of HLB values for W/O.

Vegenolin® CF
Vegetal alternative to Lanolin
Co-emulsifier, W/O, O/W emulsions and anhydrous formulations. High water absorption. Pigment dispersion.

Vegenolin® SQ
Vegetal alternative to Lanolin
Soft wax easily spreadable. Same properties as lanolin with no animal-derived ingredients. Penetrates rapidly in the skin without leaving an oily after-feel. High water absorption properties.

Vercarem GEC
Vercarem Emulsifiers
Natural anionic emulsifier from Rapeseed origin with an excellent touch.

Vercarem P3P
Vercarem Emulsifiers
Natural non-ionic emulsifier with a elegant, rich touch for water-in-oil emulsions, for silky lotions.