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Purified Extracts

Clary Sage FE
Lipolytic activity | Booster of cyclic AMP | Antibacterial properties

Eucommia Ulmoides 80 MM
Eucommia Ulmoides Leaf Extract
Strong antiglycation properties with protection of elastin | Prevention of AGEs | Free radical scavenger

Guava Extract
Psidium Guajava Leaf Extract
Stimulation of collagen production | Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties | Appropriate for acne-prone skin

Mangiferin 90 MM
Mangifera Indica Leaf Extract
Anti-oxidant | Immunoprotection | Anti-inflammatory

Natural Caffeine
Natural caffeine from coffee beans

Nayad® FG
Yeast Beta-Glucan
Stimulation of keratinocytes | Maintenance of Langerhans cells

Nayad® SGM
Yeast Extract
Long chain polysaccharide with colloidal properties | Hydration

Phytosterol MM
Vegetal sterols, analogues to animal cholesterol | Maintenance of cell membrane and skin hydration

Pomegranate E40
Punica Granatum Fruit Extract
Rich in ellagic acid | DNA protection against Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons | Protection of extracellular matrix

Punicagin T40
Punica Granatum Fruit Extract
Hydrosoluble ellagitannins | Strong anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredient | Antibacterial antifungal properties

Sumac E90
Galla Rhois Gallnut Extract
Highly concentrated in ellagic acid | Protection against environmental stresses | Reduction of melanin formation | Free radical scavenger

Thein® MM
Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract
Natural caffeine from tea leaves

Withania Somnifera MM
Withania Somnifera Root Extract
Know as Indian Ginseng, with adaptogenic properties | Anti-inflammatory and anti-stress