Sensory Enhancers

Clearogel® KG
Konjac Glucomannan
Natural gelling agent. Alternative to synthetic polymers.

Instant lifting effect
Polysaccharide extracted from Quinoa seeds with an immediate lifting effect, improving skin roughness and reducing wrinkle depth.

CrystalCast® MM
A patented emulsifying base conferring fine emulsions through the formation of a liquid crystals network, with moisturizing properties. Low use level for viscous lotions, up to 5% for rich creams.

Matte Lite® CF5
Powder blend containing Montmorillonite (&) Sucrose Distearate (&) Sucrose Stearate
Based on sucrose esters and clay with sebum absorption and mattifying properties, this self-emulsifying base is ideal for oily skin formulations, foundations and masks. Provides a delicate skin coverage and powder feel.

Pore Reductyl
Astringent effect
An extract of the pulp of a mushroom with pore reduction and astringent properties.

Pore Reductyl NT
Astringent effect
An extract of the pulp of a mushroom with pore reduction and astringent properties.

Sofmetic® CB
Vegetal alternative to Petrolatum
Cushioning effect and skin slip.

Sofmetic® GLO
Vegetal alternative to Petrolatum
High spreadability and gloss.

Sofmetic® LMP
Light feel petrolatum
A very soft, light-feeling USP grade petrolatum. Low melting point allows for ease of incorporation and luxurious feel in a finished product.

Vegeluron® Gel
Softness, substantivity and lubricity
Clear viscous solution of a natural polysaccharide with a superior moisturizing and a light film forming effect with a soft touch. A natural alternative to hyaluronic acid.

Vegenolin® CF
Vegetal alternative to Lanolin
Co-emulsifier, W/O, O/W emulsions and anhydrous formulations. High water absorption. Pigment dispersion.

Vegenolin® SQ
Silky after-feel, gloss
Soft wax easily spreadable. Same properties as lanolin with no animal-derived ingredients. Penetrates rapidly in the skin without leaving an oily after-feel. High water absorption properties.

Vercare Ellegant
Vercare Emollients
Powerful odorless emollient, with quick absortion and silky, soft skinfeel. Ellegant touch for premium texture.

Vercare Isola
Vercare Emollients
Natural silicone alternative obtained by esterification with readily biodegradable properties. Light, soft skinfeel.

Vercare Trihepta
Vercare Emollients
Cost competitive natural emollient with good dispersing performance of UV filters, conferring elegant, non-greasy skin feel.