Edicol® 421-21
High quality grade of ethoxydiglycol, particularly appropriate for skin care preparations for its excellent solvent and carrier properties.

Sisterna L70-C
Aqua (&) Sucrose Laurate (&) Alcohol
HLB value: 15; mono ester: 70%; Main function: emulsifier/surfactant

Soldiol® MP-D
Remarkable solvent for hard-to-dissolve ingredients. Good alternative to traditional glycols with antimicrobial properties.

Solub 8-12®
A solubilizing agent conferring good penetration to creams and emulsions.

Vercare Dicapra
Vercare Emollients
Good emollient with high dispersant properties and nice skinfeel and spreadability. Specially applicable for suncare products.

Vercare Trihepta
Vercare Emollients
Cost competitive natural emollient with good dispersing performance of UV filters, conferring elegant, non-greasy skin feel.