Featured Products

Clearogel® KG
Konjac Glucomannan
Natural gelling agent. Alternative to synthetic polymers.

Mauritia Flexuosa Pulp Powder
Anti-pollution. Antioxidant. Inhibition of tirosinase.

Flav'ential® 98PHL
Antioxidant. Skin protection. Antibacterial properties. Natural UVB absorber.

Intelligene® Defense
Solanum Lycopersicum Fruit Lipids
Skin barrier function. Soothing and anti-redness activity.

Matte Lite® CF5
Powder blend containing Montmorillonite (&) Sucrose Distearate (&) Sucrose Stearate
Based on sucrose esters and clay with sebum absorption and mattifying properties, this self-emulsifying base is ideal for oily skin formulations, foundations and masks. Provides a delicate skin coverage and powder feel.

Matte Lite® PRP
Based on Montmorillonite (&) Sucrose Stearate
Easy pigment incorporation. Mattifying effect. Smooth after-feel.

Natural ceramide-like glycolipid obtained by fermentation. Multifunctional for both O/W and W/O emulsification. Soothing and moisturizing properties.

Vercatech Capryforce ECO
Methylpropanediol (&) Caprylyl Glycol (&) Phenylpropanol
Smart innovative protection. Sustainable & biodegradable ingredients. Antimicrobial for emulsions, surfactants bases & aqueous systems.

Vercatech Pentyforce G
Pentylene Glycol (&) Glyceryl Caprylate
Smart innovative protection. Sustainable & Biodegradable ingredients. Antimicrobial for Emulsions, Surfactants bases & Aqueous systems.