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Satin Sanitizer AP5-66


In alcoholic solutions, Vegeluron® Gel GP brings hydration and adds slip and lubricity, with a light film forming effect, and G.M.U. E3 offers anti-fungal activity.



Supplier: 1 MMP pH = 6.2-7.2, Viscosity LV4/12 = 5,000-10,000 cPs   100.00





% w/w

A DI Water     31.94
  Carbomer     0.30
  Triethanolamine     0.26
B Ethyl Alcohol     62.00
 C  Vegeluron® Gel GP1 Tremella Fuciformis (Mushroom) Extract solution  Moisturizer 5.00
D G.M.U. E31 Undecyclenic Glycerides Anti-fungal agent  0.50



Vegeluron® Gel GP

Clear colorless viscous gel of a natural polysaccharide from the mushroom Tremella Fuciformis, with superior moisturizing and sensorial properties.

G.M.U. E3

Mild emulsifier with demonstrated anti-fungal and anti-gram positive properties.