Silky Blur Foundation AP5-50


An elegant, liquid foundation based on our self-emulsifying base, Matte Lite® TF6, providing superior aesthetics and textural finish. 

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Velvety Primer AP5-65


A matte primer, based on our self-emulsifying base, Matte Lite® TF6, offering shine control for extended makeup wear, with hydration and anti-inflammatory properties.

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Natural Balm AP5-49


All natural balm comprised of 95% Ecocert / COSMOS approved grades based on our alternatives to lanolin, squalane and petrolatum.

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Satin Sanitizer AP5-66


In alcoholic solutions, Vegeluron® Gel GP brings hydration and adds slip and lubricity, with a light film forming effect, and G.M.U. E3 offers anti-fungal activity.

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Make-Up Setting Spray AP5-63


A setting spray, based on Clearogel® ACR, designed to extend make-up wear.

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