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Natural Balm Pomme AP5-53


All natural balm comprised of 90% Ecocert / COSMOS approved grades based on our alternatives to lanolin, squalane and petrolatum.



Suppliers: 1 MMP 3 Sisterna     100.00





% w/w

A Sofmetic® GLO1 Vegetal alternative to Petrolatum Balm base  69.70
  Sofmetic® CB1 Natural alternative to Petrolatum  Cushion 6.50
  Vegenolin® SQ1 Vegetal alternative to Lanolin  Nourishing  10.00
  Vegelane® OL1 Vegetal Squalane Emollient 1.50
Sisterna® A10E-C3

Sucrose Tetrastearate Triacetate

Anti-sweating 3.80
  Palmeride® 381 Hydrogenated Palm Kernel Glycerides (&) Hydrogenated Palm Glycerides Thickener  4.00
C Apple Organic Flavor     4.00
  Tocopherol     0.50



Sofmetic® GLO

Vegetal alternative to petrolatum for gloss and high spreadability properties.

Sofmetic® CB

Natural alternative to petrolatum for slip and cushioning effect.    

Vegenolin® SQ

Vegetal alternative to lanolin for nourishment.


Sisterna® A10E-C


Rheology modifier, helps thicken or gel oils, reduces blooming and sweating.