Active Ingredients


Purified Extracts

MMP supplies a wide range of unique natural products, specially purified superfoods and environmental-friendly processed extracts.



For MMP Flavonoids are important as they provide strong anti-oxidant properties and natural UV absorption. Each flavonoid offers additional activities including anti-inflammatory, free radical scavenging activity and skin brightening properties.


Active Solutions®

Active Solutions® is our range of solutions of high quality actives in a ready-to-use solution for optimized activity.


Active Polymers

MMP offers a range of multifunctional polymers with anti-pollution activity, skin tightening pore reducer, instant moisturization, film forming, smoothing effect and sensory enhancement. 


Green Cosmetics

MMP innovation continues to focus on sustainable actives, environmental-friendly processes and products for more clean formulations, including vegan alternatives to animal-derived products.


Oils & Butters

Our unique range includes Cobiosa’s sustainably sourced oils from Peru and our natural alternatives to petro-based ingredients and animal-derived products